Sylviane Rebaud
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Sylviane Rebaud has been working for over 25 years as a freelance photographer focusing on portraits, urban life, cultural events and architectural projects.
Ms. Rebaud has extensively photographed locations in Europe, South East Asia, numerous desert settings to include Libya and Morocco, Central America, the Caribbean as well as many locations throughout the United States.
She has also photographed various authors and musicians, working on specific book publishing projects and original photography used for websites and magasine covers.
Born in Roanne, France and educated in Lyon, France, Ms. Rebaud lived and photographed in Paris for over 14 years. She then moved to Prague, Czech Republic for five years where she exhibited her show “Tops and Bottoms”.
Ms. Rebaud also lived in Los Angeles, CA, where her work was shown in five different exhibits over the course of two years – among which her “Walls Can Talk” series, photographed both in Europe and the US. She has been highly inspired by the energy and expansiveness of major US cities with auspicious skylines and incredible architecture. She was often seen in L.A. maneuvering a location on foot and capturing “a city in movement” through her lens.
Within a few months of relocating in Lisbon, Portugal, in August 2011, Ms. Rebaud exhibited a portion of her “Zooming By” series, and is currently working on a portrait of Lisbon based on the same photographic technique. She has fallen in love with the quality of the light in this part of the world, and is looking forward to showing her new work.
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